NEW GAME STARTED 24.5.2023 - 30.6.2023


Each game lasts two weeks, during which time you gain game rounds, always one round per unit of time (e.g. 30 minutes). After the end, the results from the results table will be recorded and medals will be distributed. The game data is restarted and everything is repeated from the beginning. (This is why Fenix) No one will get the advantage of coming to the game earlier. Rounds are spent by building a base or by attacking to enemy player. By spending a round, for example building a (segment) building, one building is built, and production takes place in all buildings at the same time, food, energy, money are produced, and military units consume these raw materials. Depending on the type of buildings built, you gain either military units, food, energy or game money. In order to get missing sources, you can sell all the surplus units and buy the ones you need on the space market.


No one gets a military advantage by paying.


You can cooperate with other players. Fight whoever you want.


NOONE!! can defend himself!!! But the more the attacker loses, the defender gains more experience and thus has a stronger fleet.


Game moves are added over time. While you are not playing, they are added to you and you can play them after logging in. E.g. after 24 hours of not playing, you can play them even within 5 minutes.


Buildings which have its own specific role in Nest economy.

Living - Residential segment, increases population and income

Farms - food production

PowerPlant - energy production

Dock - production of military units

FreeMaterial - if you don't have FreeMaterial you can't build another Segment

Mining - search for raw materials and thus create FreeMaterial, the more Mining, the more FreeMaterial you get without having to use the round


War units to defend and attack enemy.

Military units create Dock segments. In the fleet setting, it is possible to set up the docks to produce the desired units. The more Docks, the faster the construction.

LAC - Lightly Armored Craft - light offensive unit that also defends
Attack/Defense: 1/1

Corvette - attack unit
Attack/Defense: 7/0

DefenceStar - Nest defense
Attack/Defense: 0/40

Ghost Ship - Intelligence (Spy) unit
Do not engage in conventional attacks

Sensor - forms a net around the Nest
Increases the effectiveness of conventional units, the more sensors around the Nest, the greater the effectiveness of Lac Corvett and DefStar, both in defense and in attack.